Expert Witness

Expert Witness

Involving Motorcycle Litigation Cases


Courtroom Experience

I have been a key player in defending and supporting multi-million dollar motorcycle-related litigation.  I have spent 23 years in the motorcycle safety industry as an instructor, curriculum developer, and renowned expert which can bring a powerful edge to your team.  Since I took my first case in 2006, I have sharpened my skills in order to be the best expert in the country.

I can only take a few cases at a time to ensure I dedicate the necessary time for you.  Past cases include both plaintiffs and defendants in cases between individuals, companies, and governments.

If you need someone who can clearly articulate causes and effects that are not obvious to a non-expert, give me a call.

Learn to Ride Program

I authored the Learn to Ride Program for the Washington State Department of Licensing (Washington Motorcycle Safety Program).  This groundbreaking training is now available for use nationwide and several schools have converted entirely to the new curriculum.

Motorcycle Mentor Training

I designed and implemented the only on-road training program for Army Special Operations Forces (ARSOF) personnel.  This program, now in its third contract, has become one of the most successful tool in reducing service-member motorcycle-related accidents when off-duty as evidenced by statistics.  This training program is modeled off police training programs I conduct on the west coast.

Adventure Training

I was one of the very first developers of groundbreaking adventure rider training programs in the United States and am now conducting training worldwide.  I am also the host of the wildly popular YouTube training series MotoTrek and have my own podcast called MotoTrek RAW.


I have over 30 years of experience and training in riding motorcycles and have dedicated my life towards making a significant impact in reducing motorcycle deaths.

I have trained under some of the greatest names in the motorcycle industry on both track and dirt. I have a vast amount of knowledge and experience of the capabilities of any motorcycle and how humans operate them.

Instructor and/or Trainer for:

- Puget Sound Safety Motorcycle Education Program

- Advanced Street Skills Program

- Motorcycle Safety Foundation

- WA State Motorcycle Safety Program

- Total Control Advanced Riding Clinics

- Motorcycle Mentor Training Program

Plus many more

This is only a short list of my experience. Please contact me below for my CV.

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I can provide you with a perspective you likely haven’t considered.