Invest in Experience, Not Farkles


When taking riders overseas on motorcycle expeditions, Bret has been surprised to note that participants don’t have the problems he would expect them to have.  In fact, less-experienced riders quickly develop their skill sets and become confident off-road riders very quickly – much faster than in any traditional training environment.  Bret dives into this phenomenon with his friend and instructor Paul.

Note:  If you are bothered by foul language, please start this podcast at 00:56.

Guest: Paul Solomonson teaches alongside Bret and enjoys riding a BMW 1200GS off-road.

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Discussion Points:
1.  The highest risk issues in traveling overseas or in remote areas.
2.  How to change training to quickly and effectively develop skill sets.

Key Takeaways:
– Make sure you practice the things that are uncomfortable to you.
– Focus on the skill sets you don’t think you’ll ever need.

Videos Mentioned:

  1. Mistakes riders make in tight places.
  2. The Bar-Stop Skill – Ride Like a Pro
  3. The Rolling Dismount – Ride Like a Pro