Are You Miscalculating your ADV Skills?

Are you Miscalculating your adv skills?

Paul Solomonson, dueling counterpart in the recent video “Mosko Moto vs Lone Rider“, talks with Bret about rating yourself as an ADV rider and some of the common ways riders miscalculate their skill level.

Paul Solomonson works with Bret across the United States in teaching ADV training classes.  He is also a state-certified motorcycle and driving instructor and has taught advanced motorcycle skills in the Military Mentor Training courses for the U.S. Army.

Editor’s Note: There may be a couple obscenities scattered throughout, but they were worth keeping in.

Discussion Points:
1.  How good am I as an ADV rider?
2.  How difficult is a particular trail?
3.  How do I rate my skills?
4.  Are faster people better than I am at riding?
5.  What does “Experts Only” mean and if I survive it, am I an expert?

Key Takeaways:
–  Don’t find the limits of your bike while you’re on a trip
–  Those who shouldn’t be giving advice are often the first ones to do so
–  Having to be honest with yourself is one of the hardest things to do

References Made in the Podcast:
Adventure Skill Rating System

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