South Africa ADV Training

Bret Tkacs is coming to South Africa!  Learn how to manage your ADV bike off-road in a variety of terrain in one of Bret’s exclusive ADV training class.







Whether you’re new to the world of ADV riding or are already an experienced off-road rider, Bret can help you get better.  Riding a large adventure bike off-road requires a unique set of riding skills to manage the bike on mud, sand, and other unstable surfaces.  When ADV riders are taught by trials or dirt bike instructors, they are unaware that ADV bikes are nothing like trials or dirt bikes.  First, they don’t crash the same way.  Also, ADV bikes are heavier, are overpowered for the dirt, have limited suspension travel, and less-capable tires.

Having a foundation of proper ADV off-road skills will set you apart from other riders on the trail.  Bret will teach you to understand your bike’s balance, weight, and controls in a variety of terrain so you remain in complete control at all times. The difference between a beginner and the expert is not the skills needed or controls but the level of precision and understanding of how to apply the most fundamental skills.

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