Stop Being Complacent


Sometimes riding can be not very exciting or even downright boring.  The excitement of reacting to everything on the road fades away once you feel you’ve encountered most situations and feel comfortable with the threats that are common to motorcyclists.  However, this natural progression can lead to a dangerous lack of focus… and that’s when the curve closes up too fast or the deer is directly in line with your headlights.  Bret talks about methods he uses to keep focus while riding. 

Guest: David Holy is a Patreon subscriber and rides a BMW 1200GS.

Discussion Points:
1.  What is riding with a PLAN?
2.  How can I avoid getting distracted in daydreams while riding?

Key Takeaways:
– Identify the IMpossibilities in order to see the possibilities.
– You should never go faster than the distance in which you can come to a controlled (non-panic) stop.

Trail Braking Rant @ 22:50