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Riding Weightless

Posted by ducpilot on April 9, 2019

Category: Training Tips
Learning to be Weightless The truth is, riding an adventure bike off pavement uses similar techniques as riding a dirt bike on a technical trail. The biggest difference is that adventure bikes don’t crash like dirt bikes, and the risk of injury and damage from crashing on an adventure bike is far greater due to reduced personal protective gear and the presence of hard luggage, extra weight, windshields and other things not designed to be

Sand & Gravel Tips

Posted by ducpilot on April 5, 2019

Category: Training Tips
Scenario “Suddenly, my rear wheel began a slight fishtail in the loose gravel road and I calmly increased the throttle in response.  Past experiences had always quickly straightened out, but today the oscillations rapidly moved to the handlebars.Committed to the acceleration strategy, the handlebars violently shook back and forth and I continued to roll on the throttle…” Many “experienced” riders offer one tip for riding in loose surface conditions: “Add more throttle”.I can assure you


Posted by akhenaten007 on August 21, 2018

Category: Product Reviews
My life is motorcycles… this site is a window into my life as a “motorcycle guru” which I have been labeled as by many. Enjoy a look into the lessons, articles, photos, and adventures of the life I live.

Adventure Bike Rental Tips

Posted by ducpilot on November 9, 2017

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It all begins with the quest to own the perfect ADV motorcycle: You carefully study costs, weight, fuel capacity, maintenance, dealer networks, scour the forums for known issues, and read all the bike reviews… but that’s only the beginning. After your purchase comes the task of customizing your new bike to perfection with collapsible shift levers, cleated footpegs, extra lighting, luggage or whatever your preferences are. Then, after you’ve created the ultimate ADV motorcycle comes

Ferry Express

Posted by akhenaten007 on October 25, 2016

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In December 2014, a group of eleven motorcyclists from all over the world arrived at the Ferry Xpress office in Panama City, hoping to make its next sailing between Panama and Colombia. Taking the Ferry Xpress is certainly one of the fastest and least expensive ways to get around the notorious Darien Gap, but it can be a frustrating experience. My riding partner and I arrived at the tiny Ferry Xpress office, situated on the