Backcountry Discovery Route Tour

"The adventure begins when the plan falls apart”

The majority of the tour encompasses Class 1Class 2 and Class 3 terrain features. 
Depending on the previous winter, some Class 4 can be found along the route.

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Day 1: Arrival & Welcome

Take your time and enjoy the scenery of the The Columbia River Gorge, a nationally-recognized canyon that forms the boundary between Oregon and Washington.  The Historic Columbia River Highway is undoubtedly the very best way to approach the Gorge, as you will ride along five significant waterfalls in eight miles.  The biggest waterfall is Multnomah Falls, one of the tallest year-round falls in the nation.

If you have more time to spare, ride to the Rowena Crest Viewpoint: a horseshoe curve in the road creating one of the most photographed roads in Oregon.  The views from Rowena Crest are outstanding.  There are dozens of places to explore; simply ask your guides beforehand and they’ll be happy to offer advice.  FYI: the Bridge of the Gods costs 50 cents each way for motorcycles.

You can check into the hotel anytime after 4:00pm.  Meetup for a hosted dinner at a nearby restaurant will be at 6:30pm.


Day 2: Three Corner Rock

8:00 Am to 5:00 PM

Your day starts with an overview of the tour in the parking lot of the hotel.  The next hour will be spent customizing your motorcycle to yourself and your gear (ie. handlebars, brake/shift levers, throttle adjustment, etc).  The proper adjustments will make sure you are 100% ready to go riding off-road.

After a stop for gas, an intensive introduction to the basics of off-road riding will take place.  You will practice on starting and stopping on hills along with terrain reading and maintaining control of your bike when the ground moves underneath you.

Then it’s time to ride!  The route is a circular gravel road with Three Corner Rock as the pinnacle.  The route progressively becomes more difficult as your newfound skills are put to the test.  The rewards are worth it:  Three Corner Rock is a pile of weathered basalt surrounded by meadow.  The 360 degree view includes five majestic volcanoes and the Columbia River.

Day 3: Volcano Alley

8:00 Am to 5:00 PM

Today will be a long day, but the sense of accomplishment will make you want to keep on riding.  Training begins promptly at 8am and you will wind your way north from the Columbia River into the Cascade Range and into the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.  Surrounded by trees, you’ll enjoy sporadic views of Mount Hood, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Adams.

Lunch will be at the Guler Ice Caves, an extensive network of icy lava tubes that used to be the source for year-round ice to towns along the Columbia River.  It is a very welcome place to see after a hot morning of riding.  Enjoy a handmade lunch by your tour staff.

After lunch, you’ll start seeing majestic view of Mount Adams as you wind your way around the base.  Another welcome break is at Big Spring Creek Falls, a photogenic three-tiered waterfall that offers a cool breeze.  Then, it’s off to Lake Takhlakh where Mount Adams is reflected perfectly in the lake.

Finally, it’s time to make your way down to Packwood to enjoy a stay at a historic turn-of-the-century hotel.

Day 4: Bethel Ridge

8:00 Am to 4:00 PM

This is where it all comes together and you get a feel for what adventure riding is all about.  The day starts with an hour-long ride on pavement through the heart of the Cascade Range.  Just as you enter the eastern side of the mountains, you’ll turn off onto Bethel Ridge – a forest service road that switchbacks its way up a hillside toward absolutely spectacular views of the valley.

The adventure starts at the top.  When you’re finished taking in the views, you’ll wind through trees that are impassable to vehicles except by motorcycle.  Short, challenging sections will take you along the ridgeline and you will feel like the world is at your feet.

After a while, it’s time to drop back down to the other side.  A quick meetup with the support vehicle allows people to depart early; otherwise, a short ride along an old farm road will take you to a restaurant where delicious food is made from scratch.  Relax and engage in laughter and camaraderie over the day’s accomplishments before returning home.