Expedition Nepal

November & December 2022

Nothing stirs the soul like bringing images of far-off exotic landscapes and faces to life.

Atithi Devo Bhava

Translated from Sanskrit, this common saying literally means ‘Guest is God’.
Come with us to a place where Nepalese hospitality is legendary.

join the adventure of a lifetime

Our Team

Our support team is led by Nepal's top motorcycle expedition guide Vishu Sijali. Our team of Nepalese natives have decades of experience providing support to climbing, trekking and now motorcycle expeditions. Without their support setting up campsites, providing food, mechanical support and if needed recovery these expeditions would be risky and in some cases impossible to do as a foreigner.


Each expedition is unique without a fixed daily itinerary. We only use hotels during arrival and departure days (some trips may offer a single night of hotel/hostel/lodging during the expedition). These expeditions focus on regions of Nepal instead of specific places. This is as close as you can get to the feel of solo travel with a group. This is not the simple Nepal motorcycle vacation tour you can find with a web search.

Lost Tibetan Kingdom

October 27 to November 10 (2022)

This expedition is into the secluded upper Mustang Region, nestled within the rain shadow of the highest mountain range in the world - the Himalaya. Only recently opened to foreigners and protected by a restrictive access permit, this isolated region is the best-preserved remnant of Tibet.

Access to this region is not cheap, not easy and (at times) not comfortable. However, the scenery at over 12000', the undisturbed culture and the feeling of total isolation are completely worth the effort and sacrifice. Visit Lo Manthang, the forbidden city and the last piece of authentic Tibetan life.

Expedition Nepal

November 12 to November 26 (2022)

This expedition focuses primarily on women and couples - however it is not necessarily gender or relationships that determine your eligibility - it is attitude. There will be a focus on inter-rider support. Along with Bret Tkacs, the highly skilled and very accomplished Kandi Spangler will bring an inclusive dynamic to the group.

Our route will take us into the high mountain Mustang region at the edge of the Lost Tibetan Kingdom, then into the jungles, hills and villages of central Nepal. This expedition will sample a little bit of both the Lost Tibetan Kingdom and the Greater Central Nepal tours.

Greater Central Nepal

November 28 to December 12 (2022)

This expedition is focused on exploring the greater central Nepal region. Visit the birthplace of Buddha in Lumbini, explore the lakeside adventure town of Pokhara and the ancient bazaars of Kathmandu.

The rest of the tour will be in nameless settlements nestled atop the hills and in valleys. You may camp on terraced rice paddies on thousand-foot cliffs or aside raging rivers. Search for the one-horned rhinoceros in Nepal's jungle region and exchange in laughter with local women and children, who always come out to see the foreigners.

Details of these expeditions are omitted because they are unknown. These are true expeditions and not tours – the only guarantee is your arrival date, your departure date, and the region we intend to explore.

You will be taken to the most unspoiled corners of Nepal. To protect these communities, my partner, Vishu Sijali, has agreements with villages to not advertise specific locations. We work to protect remote villages from over-visitation or damage to their local economy and culture.

The changing nature of the area (landslides, road closures, COVID-19 restrictions) means mental flexibility is essential and the correct attitude is critical… after all “Attitude Matters”.‚Äč

Bret Tkacs

Expert Trainer

Vishu Sijali

Lead Guide

Ganga Rai

Lead Expedition Cook

Raj Kumar

Field Mechanic

Vishu Sijali

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$ 6,950