Nothing stirs the soul like bringing images of far-off exotic landscapes and faces to life.

Atithi Devo Bhava

Translated from Sanskrit, this common saying literally means ‘Guest is God’.
Come with us to a place where Nepalese hospitality is legendary.

join US ON the adventure of a lifetime

These expeditions focus on regions of Nepal instead of specific places. This is as close as you can get to the feel of solo travel with a group. This is not the simple Nepal motorcycle vacation tour you can find with a web search.

Our Nepali team has decades of experience providing support to climbing, trekking and now motorcycle expeditions. Without their support setting up campsites, providing food, mechanical support and if needed recovery these expeditions would be risky and in some cases impossible to do as a foreigner.

The changing nature of the area (landslides, road closures, etc.) means mental flexibility is essential and the correct attitude is critical… after all “Attitude Matters”.

Lost Tibetan Kingdom

This expedition is into the secluded upper Mustang Region, nestled within the rain shadow of the highest mountain range in the world - the Himalaya. Only recently opened to foreigners with a Nepali guide, and protected by a restrictive access permit, this isolated region is the best-preserved remnant of Tibet.

Access to this region is not cheap, not easy and... at times... not comfortable. However, the scenery at over 12000', the undisturbed culture and the feeling of total isolation are completely worth the effort and sacrifice. Visit Lo Manthang, the forbidden city and the last piece of authentic Tibetan life.

Vishu Sijali

After conducting five motorcycle expeditions through Nepal in 2020-2022 using Vishu Sijali (owner of Altitude Riders) as our lead guide, we have chosen to no longer do business with him or Altitude Riders. This decision was made after discovering a multitude of incidents involving the mismanagement of money. Although this did not affect our guests or trips, we insist on a very high standard for safety, an incredible experience, and ethical business partners.

In the best interest of our riders, we have chosen to wait until Oct/Nov of 2024 to offer another trip to explore Nepal and the Upper Mustang region. This allows us time to work with our other partners in Nepal as we create the ultimate learning experience. Join us in 2024 and become part of a riding team that will surely create the experience of a lifetime.

Our Requirements

After bringing ~40 people to ride Nepal, we have developed two critical requirements you must have as a rider.  These requirements are non-negotiable and will be tested upon arrival to ensure your safety and the safety of the group:

1.  You must be able to make a left u-turn within 16′ (5m) apart.  The Nepal Rural Road Standards require 8′ (2.5m) lanes and failure to make a very tight left turn will result in you running wide and finding yourself head on with traffic.

2.  You must be able to maintain a speed of 30mph (48kph) on maintained gravel roads.  We will be traveling through some very remote regions and failure to keep a minimum speed means we will not reach our hotel… or any hotel… by nightfall.

The rest we can work with.  Please keep a humble attitude and recognize that Bret might make decisions for you, based solely on your riding ability, given his 26 years of training motorcyclists as a full time career.