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I don’t just teach people how to ride motorcycles.
I teach people how to master their motorcycle.

Formula-Free ADV Training

Most ADV courses teach formulas:   Stand up.   Lean forward uphill.   Add more throttle.   Eyes up.  Weight the peg.

When you train or travel with Bret, you will not be taught formulas; you will learn to understand and master your environment… not just survive it.  Successfully ride through terrain you’ve never seen before, leaving your friends in the dust.

Learn how to ride your ADV bike off-road! Immersion training is the best way to learn from experienced professionals. In these tours, you will have more time with instructors to become good at off-roading. You will learn skills that will help you feel more confident and safer on rough terrain. Your instructors will teach you techniques that will help you ride more efficiently, such as avoiding trying to force your bike to go where you want it to. You can also learn how to stay alert and conserve your energy to reduce your risk of getting hurt.

Bringing over 23 years experience as a professional riding instructor, my goal is to help riders become masters of their motorcycles.  My detailed and methodical approach brings to life a wide range of important topics from riding skills to travel and more.  These videos are funded 100% by viewers (using Patreon) and I focus on education first and entertainment second. Whether you are an adventure rider, dirt bike rider or a street rider you need to subscribe to my channel…. seriously, stop reading and subscribe now!

Bret is regularly hired to speak at events on various topics to include techniques on reducing motorcycle accidents, the pros and cons of rider training, and motorcycle teaching skills using adult education strategies.

Learn how to ride a motorcycle