Bret Tkacs is a highly regarded ADV rider who offers adventure rider training courses in the United States and abroad.  He has a natural talent to dissect complex motorcycle skills and teach them in a way that will improve your off-road motorcycle riding technique immediately.  His adventure classes focus on reducing rider fatigue and decreasing risk of personal injury or motorcycle damage.  Most people find that just one class with Bret isn’t enough; there is too much to learn no matter what your riding level is.  Bret has taken motorcycle adventure riders at every level to achieve new accomplishments.

Most of Bret’s motorcycle classes fill up quickly.  You may contact Bret if the class you want is full.  Those who remain on the wait list after the summer season is complete will receive first pick of next year’s classes; priority is based on the date you added yourself to the list.

Adventure Skill Rating System


The South Africa ADV Training is for all levels of riders: those who want to start their off-road education correctly and those who want to improve their fundamental skills.  The training will start with the most common missing secrets of basic skills and move into more advanced skill sets.  If you can ride a motorcycle, this class is for you.

Hartbeespoort, ZA


The Adventure (ADV) Training Camp is for all levels of riders: those who want to start their off-road education correctly and those who want to improve their fundamental skills.  If you’re a fast rider, oftentimes the lack of skills are hidden by speed.  The ADV Camp focuses on slow-speed maneuvers and improves on blending controls, no matter your skill level.  For more information, click here.

If compared to a foreign language class, the ADV Training Camp is akin to learning a language in a classroom. Most training will take place in an open field and a defunct motocross course.

Yamhill, Oregon


The Backcountry Discovery Route (BDR) Tour takes the intrepid adventurer and teaches skills and techniques while riding the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route.  The first day starts off with loose-surface hill climbs and descents, but Bret’s progressive instructional technique makes it possible for anyone to accomplish the route.  This tour is fully supported by a supply vehicle which will carry your panniers and luggage and serve as a recovery vehicle.

If compared to a foreign language class, the BDR Tour is akin to learning a language in a foreign country.  You will learn skills as they present themselves along the trail.  For more information, click here.

Stevenson to Naches, Washington


Bret has been teaching classes at the Touratech Rally since 2013 to reducing the potential for injury and damage to people and motorcycles during the rally.

Two levels of ADV training will be offered.  On Friday, June 18th, Bret and Paul will teach a 4 hour ADV Basics course, followed by a 2 hour adventure ride along a Touratech Rally route.  This class will teach the most critical tips and techniques for safely handling a large ADV motorcycle off-road.

On Saturday, June 19th, Bret and Paul will teach a Precision Riding course, also known as Poser Skillz.  This 3 hour course will focus on building confidence and precise control of your bike in a fun and playful manner.  Impress your friends with your new skills!

Although these courses are geared towards newer ADV riders, experienced riders will also learn or practice critical control manipulation that’s often forgotten once speed picks up.

Cancelled due to COVID-19

Plain, Washington

WABDR Bethel Ridge


The Alumni Tour is the next step for those who have attended any off-road course with Bret Tkacs or Puget Sound Safety.  The tour allows attendees the opportunity to ride the route at their own pace, while providing sweep service and a support vehicle to carry panniers, luggage, or broken motorcycles.  Instruction will be offered by Bret or Paul upon request.

The Alumni Tour follows the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route legs 2 through 6, from Packwood to Winthrop, WA.

Packwood to Winthrop, Washington

The majority of the tour encompasses Class 1Class 2 and Class 3 terrain features.  Depending on the previous winter, some Class 4 can be found along the route.


Bret enjoys travel and relishes the challenge of using new locations to teach effective ADV techniques and on-road skill development.  If you have a training opportunity for Bret, please contact him.

Note: It will be most cost-effective to have a group of 15+ riders.



Bret has partnered with Altitude Riders to provide an exclusive, small-group tour of Nepal that most people don’t get to see.  Experience small villages, remote roads, and glamp under the stars in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Kathmandu, Nepal


This tour is still being developed, but Bret is working with a tour company in Africa to put together a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.  Join Bret and visit some incredible African countries, to include South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, and Zambia.  Visit one of the largest waterfalls in the world, conquer Sani Pass, and ride among wild elephants.

Details and pricing are still being ironed out. If you are interested, email Bret.

May 2022

Give someone the gift of motorcycle training

It’s no secret that excellent motorcycle training is expensive.  Studies have shown that 92% of all motorcyclists are taught to ride by friends or family.  In addition, the majority of riders feel that it’s a waste of money to learn how to ride off-road.  There are some riders who appreciate the value of a class, but cannot afford to do so.  That’s where this GoFundMe campaign comes in.  We want to encourage riders who have the desire to learn proper technique, but who can’t afford training.  If you donate, you are helping those who are riding the trails with you.

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