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Adventure Motorcycle Training


ADV riding is as much a game of intellect as riding skill. Bret’s method of teaching riders to ride “nature’s way” is through a process of discovering and understanding cause and effect rather than the traditional formulaic or step-by-step instruction. Formula teaching is fine when you are new, but it lacks the ability to adapt to the requirements of the real world.



Each location offers a completely different experience, based on your needs and wants.  All the basics will be taught at each class, but the terrain features differ as well as the accommodations.

The Adventure (ADV) Training Camp is for all levels of riders: those who want to start their dual sport motorcycle training correctly and those who want to improve their fundamental skills.  If you’re a fast rider, oftentimes the lack of skills are hidden by speed.  The ADV Camp focuses on physics and rider inputs to master all terrains. We included many slow-speed maneuvers that improves the blending of controls which is critical to mastering all terrains.

The ADV Training Tour is for basic to experienced riders. All you need is the ability and/or confidence to ride on gravel roads when you arrive plus a craving for adventure.  We will train you as the terrain changes, providing you with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully conquer each new challenge. Because this is a train-as-you-go program, specific skills needed will vary depending on the route and weather.

All bikes are welcome as long as they meet the minimum protection and performance requirements (skid plate and lever protection; street legal). We have had many riders attend on small-displacement dualsports and others attend on street-focused bikes. This isn’t about what brand or model bike you choose for your adventure, only that we help you master what you ride for your journey.


A camp designed for off-road type training with dirt bike and ATV terrain features available.  This location will give you the most diverse training, with hills, single and doubletrack trails, sand, and more.

This location has no food provided aside from daily snacks and coffee.  Camping is outdoors with free showers, RV spots with electricity are in a separate location but nearby.  Rustic cabins are available at Iron Mountain and hotels are 20 minutes away from the training site.

Riding conditions: Terrain changes dramatically based on weather.  Hills, sand, rock, mud (up to unrideable depending on recent rainfall), and dirt bike trails surrounded by other off-road users in a raw environment.


This is our premiere camp, located on a horse farm / ADV mecca.  Training takes place in horse pastures and on-site trail systems. 

This location includes a welcome dinner, graduation dinner, and full breakfasts on all days.  Indoor (arena) and outdoor camping options are available with an on-site shower; lodging is available on-site.

Riding conditions: Wet grass, horse poop, steep hills, double-track trails, single-track sections, logs and natural obstacles.


Situated on 30 private acres, only 1.5 hours from Sacramento, this location is being developed as an ADV mecca.

This location includes a welcome dinner, graduation dinner, and full breakfasts on all days.  Camping is included; RV spots are available with a pool, spa, and a deck to relax on.  Hotels are 40 minutes away in Murphys.

Riding conditions: Dirt roads (wide to singletrack), wooded areas with an open meadow, logs, rocky sections and other natural obstacles.



This location is on the grounds of the Touratech Rally and has no food provided aside from daily snacks and coffee.  A small restaurant and hotel are across the street.  Dry camping for tents and RVs; no showers available.  Additional hotels are 20 minutes away.

Riding conditions:  Grassy field, open hill, open field with a technical tree course.  Possible sand pit and purpose-built challenges.



Starting in Packwood, WA, this central tour brings you along parts of the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route to end in Wenatchee, WA.

Riding conditions:  Loose rock, long hills, gravel roads, incredible views of the Cascade Range.  Moderately technical trail obstacles.


This special training event will include a full day of mastering the skills needed to create a strong foundation in ADV riding.  Sunday will be an informal ride across the island to put your new skills to use.

This is not a tour of Iceland, but a training event similar to our ADV Camps in the United States.


August 19 – 20


This on-bike tour will take you into the upper reaches of Nepal, into the lost kingdom of Lo.  Spend time in the isolated Tibetan settlement of Lo Manthang, founded in 1380 and capital ancient city of Upper Mustang.


October 2024

Your Instructors

Most instructors teach to the errors observed in each participant.  Bret and Paul teach to the errors observed by your motorcycle’s reactions.  Each rider has their own unique way of riding, based on their physical abilities and limitations, so providing a catch-all fix to the rider can lead to devastating consequences.  When you take a class with Bret and Paul, you can be confident that your motorcycle will give up your secrets and you will be given advice specific to your exact needs.

Bret Tkacs

Bret is uniquely skilled at recognizing the fundamental causes of rider errors. He can watch a rider and accurately diagnose the cause of the problem – whether it’s related to motorcycle setup or suspension, or mental or physical complications with the rider.

He is very systematic and specific with correcting problems, and riders leave with a much greater understanding of how motorcycles function off-road, as well as having significantly-increased confidence and excitement about taking a heavy bike onto remote trails.


Paul Solomonson

Paul is an accomplished and highly skilled motorcyclist in his own right.  He has an in-depth understanding of how the rider and motorcyclist work together – or against each other – and is very skilled at recognizing challenges newer riders present.

A valuable instructor, Paul has the unique ability to explain complex scenarios in a simple, relatable, and often memorable way, leading to much greater understanding and retention.  There is rarely a training session that does not have the dynamic, and often hilarious input of Paul.

Greg DiBernardo

After years of working with Bret and Paul, assisting at all of our east coast training camps, Greg has made himself a valuable part of our team. Starting in 2023 Greg has agreed to tap into his formal training and personal experience to join the team as an instructor.

Greg has a background on the track (road racing), in the dirt and  as an adventure rider.  His ability to mirror the lessons taught by Bret and Paul and his overwhelming enthusiasm makes him an unforgettable instructor to train with.

Christina Tkacs

Every school needs someone to manage the logistics, and this has become Christina’s job.  She will make sure you’re squared away with registration and will answer your questions about training.

She is also an avid ADV rider, having ridden in many countries on a variety of motorcycles.  Christina has had a rough start riding off-road and enjoys bringing the joy of adventure riding to people who have been struggling with the frustration of crashing or getting hurt.