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Adventure Motorcycle Training


Why invest in ADV Motorcycle Training?

ADV riding classes

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ADV riding is game of intellect and riding skills. Bret’s method of teaching riders to ride “nature’s way”  takes you through a process of discovering and understanding cause and effect rather than the traditional formulaic or step-by-step instruction. Formulas are fine when you are new, but it does not arm you with the ability to adapt to the requirements of the real world.


ADV Training Camp is for riders who are looking to the gain the best skills and knowledge possible for riding large adventure motorcycles off-pavement and offroad.  More than just fundamental skills for new ADV riders the ADV camp offers a comprehensive understanding of your motorcycle and how you should interact with it and the environment. This is the equivalent of a 101 college course for ADV riding.

ADV Training Tour is for basic and experienced riders. You need to bring the confidence to ride on gravel roads and a craving for adventure.  We will train you for the more difficult terrain as it changes, providing you with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully conquer each new challenge. Because this is a train-as-you-go program, specific skills needed will vary depending on the route and weather.

ADV Challenge Training is designed so you can methodically work through increasingly challenging terrain. This course uses a fluid curriculum that allows the class to train in more challenging environments than the ADV Camp and to take advantage of real-life scenarios as they are encountered. This course is intended to challenge riders of all levels and is maintains a higher instructor-to-rider ration than the traditional ADV Camp. 

All bikes are welcome,  it isn’t about what brand or model or size of bike you choose for your adventure, only that we help you master what you ride for your journey. We don’t ride because it is logical we ride because it makes us smile… bring the bike that makes you smile the most.

Here is a video discussing the differences between courses


Perfect for beginners but challenging enough for experience riders too, the ADV camp will methodically build your skills at a rate you would never believe was possible. You will build on each new layer in a way that reduces risk to rider and machine while rapidly advancing your offroad skills. Learn everything from the most basic skills to those needed to tackle the most intimidating obstacles.  

Designed specifically for returning students and riders looking for a more challenging learning environment. The same low energy, technique-over-brawn concepts that are taught in the ADV Camp are taught during the Challenge Camp, but with a smaller instructor-to-student ratio.

500 acres of private land at Rockcrusher Farm ensures a wide range of diversity. Based on weather, terrain may very from high traction dirt to wet Georgia clay. Includes access to a open areas, hills,  trails, sand, mud and gravel.

ADV Camp

Our regular training course
  • March 14 - 16, 2024

Challenge Camp

A more challenging version
  • March 21 - 23, 2024


As a newbie or a pro, we are all working on the same skills; better balance, traction management, vision and strategy. The ADV camp methodically builds your skills by carefully layering each new piece of knowledge and motor skill to rapidly advance your offroad riding. While teaching, we focus on reducing the risk to rider and machine during the learning process while enhancing the thrill of riding.

Designed specifically for returning students and riders looking for a more challenging learning environment. The same low energy, technique-over-brawn concepts that are taught in the ADV Camp are taught during the Challenge Camp, but with a smaller instructor-to-student ratio.

135 acres of private fields, purpose built trails, grass, horse poop, steep hills,  trails, logs and natural obstacles.

ADV training in Virginia

ADV Camp

Our regular training course
  • April 18 - 20, 2024
  • May 9 - 11, 2024
  • May 16 - 18, 2024

Challenge Camp

A more challenging version
  • April 11 - 13, 2024


Bravado, boasting and bragging are not our style. We prefer an intellectual approach that builds on the years of wisdom our students bring to class with them. Strategy, technique and a focus on conserving personal energy through better skills is what you will get from us. This camp is suitable for the most novice ADV rider as well as those with experience.

Grassy field, hills, open fields, technical tree course, sand pit and purpose-built challenges.

ADV Camp

Our regular training course
  • July 11 - 13, 2024
  • July 25 - 27, 2024


Nothing can simulate reality the same as reality itself. This is what makes this location a one-of-kind ADV Challenge Training event. This is the only location that utilizes a combination of an ADV Camp style training with on-trail training. Every day you will train in a new location. Don’t let the low price fool you; this is the most daring training format we have ever offered.  

Desert, sand, rocks, sand, steep hills, sand, long days and possibly forest… oh, and sand.

Bret Tkacs teaching ADV motorcycling in Idaho

Challenge Training

A more challenging version
  • June 21 - 22, 2024
  • June 14 - 15, 2024


Starting in Packwood, WA, this central tour brings you along parts of the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route to end in Wenatchee, WA.  View this video to learn the differences between a Tour and a Camp.

Loose rock, long hills, gravel roads, incredible views of the Cascade Range.  Moderately technical trail obstacles.



Based on availability

Private coaching/training can be booked based on time available. This option is best for riders who are looking to focus on a very specific skill set or recognize that they do best in a one-on-one learning environment.  Private training typically takes place in SW Idaho. Training that involves travel (domestic or international) will include cost for travel and travel time. Get started on your success by clicking here.

Private Training

Any skills you need to work on
  • Spring or fall in Caldwell, Idaho
$1500/6-7 hrs


Date: Mid-August 2025 (TBD)

Explore the highlands of Iceland on this exclusive motorcycle tour.  You will have the opportunity to travel on roads typically off-limits to those on rented motorcycles and vehicles.  See remote waterfalls, cross deep rivers, and have the adventure of a lifetime.

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October 2024

This on-bike tour will take you into the upper reaches of Nepal, into the lost kingdom of Lo.  Spend time in the isolated Tibetan settlement of Lo Manthang, founded in 1380 and ancient capital city of the Upper Mustang region.  This tour is currently under development so registration is not yet open.

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Your Instructors

Bret, Paul and Greg coach by performing root cause analysis for each rider to identify and fix riding errors.  Every rider is affected by physical abilities, limitations, past experience, talent, cognitive ability and so forth. This means providing  blanket coaching can lead to devastating consequences.  When you train with our team, you can be confident that you will be given advice specific to your exact needs.

Bret Tkacs

Bret has a unique skill of watching and listening what motorcycle tells him before looking at the rider. This process of coaching has earned him the name “motorcycle whisperer” from other instructors.  If you think you can cheat with your vision by using a tinted shield think again, your bike will tattle on you.

Bret is systematic and very specific with correcting problems. He believes the secret to mastering riding is understanding the physics of riding and the psychology of the rider. His passion for teaching is insatiable and you will likely find him talking about motorcycles and riding from breakfast to dinner. like a hound dog on the scent, good luck changing the conversation away from riding. 

Paul Solomonson

Paul is an accomplished and highly skilled motorcyclist with an in-depth understanding of how the rider and motorcyclist work together. Paul can come across rough at times but you can almost always find him with the slowest riders making sure everyone is ok both mentally and physically. He will encourage you but never push you when you need to rest. 

A valuable instructor, Paul has the unique ability to explain complex scenarios in a simple, relatable, and often memorable way, leading to much greater understanding and retention.  Be careful though, once Paul starts a story (and he has MANY) he can’t stop, so you may just have to ride away. It’s ok… he will finish even if you leave.

Greg DiBernardo

Greg has a background on the track (road racing), in the dirt and as an adventure rider with international riding experience.  His overwhelming enthusiasm and excellent coaching makes him an unforgettable instructor. Once you spend time with Greg you will feel like you’ve made a friend for life.

If you hang around long enough you may see Bret or Paul poke Greg with a with a topic that draws on Greg’s passion. When this happens it’s best to just kick back with Bret and Paul, put on a smile, and watch the show.

Christina Tkacs

Christina is extremely understanding of rider challenges as she self-admittedly had a very rough start riding off-road. She brings a smile to every class and is quick to laugh. She enjoys bringing the joy of adventure riding to people who have been struggling with the frustration of crashing or getting hurt.

Christina is our “Q” and makes sure everything runs smooth on the back side with registrations, questions and the website. She seldom talks about her personal experiences riding in countries around the globe but if you can get her talk her experiences will keep you entertained and enlightened.