Bret Tkacs

Motorcycle Guru

Bret Tkacs is the personification of excellence in the world of riding and training making him well established as a world-renowned expert as an ADV instructor, speaker, trainer, and curriculum developer. His remarkable riding skill, experience and knowledge, has inspired countless riders and trainers around the world. Starting his first riding school (Puget Sound Safety) in 1996, he has elevated riders and instructors to greater heights by imparting his extensive knowledge in motorcycles and teaching for nearly three decades.

Bret is a dynamic, visionary leader, who has revolutionized the way you will develop your riding skills and techniques. He is an invaluable resource,  committed to delivering comprehensive training that is fun, engaging, informative, and transformative. Through his work as a motorcycle guru and master instructor, Bret ensured the success of the YouTube channel, Mototrek, before focusing solely on his own channel: Bret Tkacs.

Bret’s ability to expertly diagnose motorcycle problems and rider issues has made him an indispensable resource in accident prevention and as an expert witness in legal proceedings. With personalized feedback that is second to none, Bret’s ability to read a bike’s reaction to rider input has earned him the title of “motorcycle whisperer”. Bret’s commitment to helping riders achieve their full potential is what sets him apart from the rest making him true inspiration and an expert in his field.

ADV Expert

Bret is a master of ADV riding and an exceptional instructor who started teaching adventure bike specific classes in 2006. Now the oldest ADV training school in the USA, Bret is recognized as the best ADV instructor in the nation. Bret’s teaching method ensures that participants not only learn the skills, but also the physics behind the methods so they can quickly and effectively evaluate and adapt to ALL challenges and obstacles without relying on fixed formulas. Risk management while learning is his priority, and thanks to his teaching style, the chances of accidents and injuries are very rare especially when compared with other ADV training courses.

With an uncanny ability to read beyond the road, Bret's military street riding curriculum significantly reduced the number of rider-caused accidents without ever using the word "safety".

Bret worked with the U.S. Army Special Forces Command from 2009 to 2020 to reduce the number of motorcycle-related deaths for Army Special Operations Forces (ARSOF) personnel.  He was commemorated by the Secretary of Defense for being a primary factor in the first zero death year in the history of the U.S. Army’s Special Forces.




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In 2018, using the processes vetted in his ADV, offroad, military and police curricula, Bret’s Learn-to-Ride (LTR) curriculum became the dominant motorcycle endorsement instruction in Washington state.  The LTR course focuses on maximizing hands-on experiences by minimizing interruptions such as waiting in lines, speed-limiting traffic flow patterns, and inefficient instructor coaching. These design points coupled with its real-world terminology, paint-free riding dimensions and speeds that simulate actual riding make it stand out from the competition. The higher rate of rider competency, endorsement success and lower rate of incidents set a new standard in training for the US.


Much of Bret’s ability to coach riders with astounding efficiency on their personal bikes has to do with his experience riding countless motorcycles. Bret can expertly transitions between platforms with zero decline in competence taking a Yamaha FJR1300 onto a sandy singletrack trail, navigating a Harley Davidson Ultra through a tight cone weave, or passing racers while riding a loaded Ducati Multistrada V4s are some of the accomplishments that have left onlookers in surprise.

He has had extensive training in every facet of motorcycling, spending a significant amount of time perfecting his craft both on the racetrack and on singletrack trails. Bret can fluently transitioning between various disciplines and can easily pinpoint and differentiate between the similarities and differences in each discipline.


Bret lives in Idaho with his wife of 10 years (who is also an accomplished ADV motorcyclist herself).  His two daughters live nearby along with a gaggle of grandkids.  Teaching and riding are his work as well as his hobbies.  He is also consumed with learning everything he can about motorcycle dynamics/physics as well as advanced adult education psychology, specifically cognitive biases that affect the way we learn and process new information.

Bret is a true expert in every sense of the word. He has excelled on the race track, on-street riding, dirt bike racing, and is one of the world's foremost instructors on adventure bikes.

Thank you so much for reaching out to Bret.  Due to a very heavy schedule of travel, teaching and video production he is not able to answer all of the emails that come in.  Remember to always smile while you ride and relax, ride with confidence and maintain a positive attitude even when things get difficult.