Bret Tkacs

Motorcycle Guru

Bret Tkacs is an expert motorcycle rider and trainer based in the United States.  His primary focus is reducing the number of motorcycle-related deaths through many different venues.  He has amassed extensive knowledge in all avenues of motorcycling: from motorcycle suspension to training to accident reduction.

He is an internationally-known speaker, trainer, and curriculum developer.  His in-depth knowledge coupled with the ability to explain critical details has set him apart from most other experts.

In addition, Bret accelerated the success of Mototrek , a YouTube channel devoted to teaching skill sets to adventure bike riders.  He currently hosts his own YouTube channel, where his ability to dissect individual skills in a way that is easy to understand has placed him at the top of all adventure skills videos.

His knowledge goes far beyond riding ability.  Bret can diagnose motorcycle problems and rider issues with a simple glance.  He can accurately predict where and how a rider will crash, and uses this innate ability to prevent accidents.  His teaching style gives riders personalized feedback, not just rote instruction.  His ability to read how a bike reacts in response to rider input has given Bret the moniker “motorcycle whisperer”.

Curriculum Development

In 2018, Bret’s Learn to Ride curriculum was accepted by the state of Washington as an endorsement-qualifying course.  The course is unique in that it addresses the most current statistics, maximizes hands-on experiences with less interruptions, and is the only course that utilizes terminology and dimensions to simulate real-world riding.

With an uncanny ability to read beyond the road, Bret's street riding instruction has significantly reduced the number of rider-caused accidents.




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Bret worked with the U.S. Army Special Forces Command from 2009 to 2020 to reduce the number of motorcycle-related deaths for Army Special Operations Forces (ARSOF) personnel.  He was commemorated by the Secretary of Defense for being a primary factor in the first zero death year in the history of the U.S. Army’s Special Forces.

He has been traveling around the world by motorcycle starting in 2008, when he first crossed the border into Mexico.  Since then, his travels have taken him across the continents of Central and South America as well as Africa.  He prefers to teach during his travels and spent three months in India, traveling across the country and teaching adventure motorcycle classes.

Bret has owned and ridden countless motorcycles and expertly transitions between platforms with zero decline in competence.  Taking a Yamaha FJR onto a sandy singletrack trail, navigating a Harley Davidson Ultra through a tight cone weave, or passing racers on a fully-loaded BMW F800GS are some of the accomplishments that have left onlookers in surprise.

Bret is a true expert in every sense of the word. He has excelled on the race track, on-street riding, dirt bike racing, and is one of the world's foremost instructors on adventure bikes.

Thank you so much for reaching out to Bret.  Due to a very heavy schedule of travel, teaching and video production he is not always able to answer all of the emails that come in.  Remember to always smile while you ride and relax, ride with confidence and maintain a positive attitude even when things get difficult.