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Known around the world for the two years spent building the YouTube channel MotoTrek, I decided it was time to return to making solo videos. I wanted to avoid the heavy editing that sometimes hid my 20+ years (and counting) as a professional motorcycle instructor. My detailed and methodical approach brings to life a wide range of important topics from riding skills to travel and more. My videos are supported by my passion and the donations from dedicated riders like yourself.  

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These videos are for you! Regardless of your place in the ADV world, whether you are fresh to off-road riding or a grizzled ADV veteran, we only know what we know and don’t know what we don’t know until we know it.  If you’re a new rider, you are likely looking to get started in the right direction and not develop bad habits or techniques.  If you’re a veteran rider, you understand the value of proper techniques and are always looking for even the smallest tip that can improve your riding.  

Learning Path

This is where Bret shares many of his tips, tricks, and skills to successfully riding a large ADV bike off-road.

Bringing over 23 years as a professional riding instructor experience to his viewers, Bret’s goal is to help riders become masters of their motorcycles. Funded 100% by viewers (www.Patreon.com/BretTkacs) Bret focuses on education first and entertainment second. Whether you are an adventure rider, dirt bike rider or a street rider you need to subscribe to his channel…. seriously, stop reading and subscribe now!

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Motorcycles are a fascinating mix of engineering and to truly master riding you need to also understand your motorcycle. This playlist highlights those videos that focus on how your motorcycle works including suspension, ergonomics and often the things you do that affect your bike. Getting the most out of your tires, engine or handling starts here.

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Bikes, bags, tires, riding gear and anything motorcycle related goes here. Although this is not a product review channel, Bret occasionally conducts reviews based on viewer request or as part of a greater lesson. Bret is an educator first so when you watch his reviews, you will learn about safety standards, tips for use and Bret’s opinion about using the reviewed product in the real world.

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In this playlist, Bret Tkacs goes through some of the more common repair issues that motorcyclists may encounter. His straightforward instruction and easy-to-follow technique will save you money in repair bills, and most can be done on the side of the road.

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This is the single most important skill to mastering your ride. Riding your motorcycle well whether it is in the dirt, on the street on heading out on an adventure is more than the controls on the motorcycle. Riding starts with the rider psychology. Understanding why you make good and bad choices. Why you ride and what causes fear is the key to overcoming fear and mastering your motorcycle. The videos in this play list get beyond just the physical aspects of riding and look into why we do what we do.

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Training riders is my life, this playlist highlights a few of the many motorcycle skills classes/courses I have taught. If you want a quick glimpse into my world of rider training, take a look at a few of these.

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Sharing the world with other riders drives me. Teaching is a byproduct of what I really what to do for you as a rider. I want to help you explore the world whether it’s your home state/province/region or far away countries. This channel let’s me share my experiences that will hopefully inspire you to join me (www.BretTkacs.com) or venture out on your own. If you are locked down due to health, family or the realities of finances then I hope to take you with me in spirit and bring the world to you through video.

Bret Tkacs~

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