Bret has traveled extensively, offering his motorcycle expertise at speaking events all around the world.  A skilled orator, Bret is able to bring to life the mental aspect of riding, competently discussing cognitive bias and mental strategies to overcome the most difficult part of motorcycling: the brain.

Bret’s talks focus on reducing motorcycle accidents and fatalities, techniques for street or track riding, or adventure riding.  He is an extremely compelling speaker and has the ability to draw in crowds wherever he goes.  His unique sense of humor, research-driven advice, and ability to answer all levels of questions will bring credit to your organization and most importantly, assist in achieving your goals.

Your Event?

Wintertime in the United States

Contact Bret to see how he can inspire your people to reach their goals.  Bret is able to speak on most any subject – not just adventure motorcycle training.


International Motorcycle Show

October - December, 2021

An annual series of motorcycle expositions across the country.  AdventureOut! hired Bret to give multiple talks on packing and top tips for international motorcycle travel.


Bike Fest, New Zealand

Fall 2021

Returning for a second year, Bike Fest New Zealand invited Bret to speak remotely at several shows about reducing your chances of dying in a motorcycle crash by 92%.

New Zealand

Advanced Riding Skills Webinar

June 6, 2020

Hosted by Care My Tours, this webinar discussed advanced riding topics submitted by riders through a survey. The webinar closed with a Q&A where no topic was off limits.


REV'IT! Digital Mixer

April 16, 2020

The Piston Society hosted this REV’IT! mixer in an interview style format to address questions from ADV riders. Attendees were able to write their questions in the chat screen for discussion.


Off the Bike Webinar

April 9, 2020

Riders often search for knowledge and skills they can practice during the COVID-19 lockdown. Hosted by Tuli Motorcycle Adventures, discussion involved how to keep skills sharp without being on the bike.

South Africa

Shiny Side Up Talk Series

February - March, 2020
Napier / Gisborne / Auckland / Whangarei

In this series of evening talks in New Zealand, Bret spoke in-depth about myths that result in preventable motorcycle accidents and cognitive biases that affect motorcycle riding ability despite training.

Shiny Side Up NZ


February - March, 2020
Nelson / Christchurch / Tauranga / Kapiti

An annual event in New Zealand, Bret spoke to Bike Fest attendees about curves and braking, which constitute the greatest number of motorcycle accidents and fatalities.

Bike Fest NZ

Seminar / Riding Clinic

January 18, 2020

A special class sponsored by Suzuki Motor de Colombia. This free all-day riding clinic starts at the Suzuki dealership for riding theory; lessons continue with a group ride into the mountains. A true “don’t miss” event with 125+ attendees.


International Motorcycle Show

November 2019 - February 2020

An annual series of motorcycle expositions across the country.  AdventureOut! hired Bret to give multiple talks on packing and top tips for international motorcycle travel.
Long Beach / New York / Cleveland / Minneapolis / Chicago