Old Guy ADV Riding Tips


Guest: Murrae Haynes, a lifetime motorcyclist who is currently 74 years old.

Topic: Bret and Murrae discuss some of the concerns and changes that become more prominent with age.

Key Takeaway: When you get older, your recovery time is so much longer that your caution naturally goes up.  When that crosses the line into fear, people start to make mistakes they wouldn’t normally make.

Trail Braking with Yamaha Champ School


Guest: Chip Spalding, business development manager and instructor at the nation’s premier motorcycle riding school: Yamaha Champions Riding School.

Topic: Bret and Chip discuss the importance of teaching and using trail braking in all curves, not just off-road.

Key Takeaway: Regarding crashing in a curve: “Most of the time it’s not really a traction limit; our brain shuts down before we actually run out of traction.  We’re the ones who cause ourselves to crash.”

Why teach four fingered braking?


Guest: David Weed, currently an MSF-certified RiderCoach and RiderCoach trainer and formerly the lead technical specialist for the Washington State Motorcycle Program.

Topic: Bret and David dive into the controversial topic of teaching and using four fingers on the brake, why it’s still being taught, and strategies to improve as a rider (hint: it involves questioning the status quo).

Key Takeaway:
We need to learn from what the bike is telling us and be able to make our own choices.  Each choice has it’s own advantages and consequences.  To be a really good rider, a talented rider, we must make choices in the moment and know when something makes sense and when it doesn’t.

Video mentioned in this podcast: Does MSF Teach Four Finger Braking?

What Boots Should I Wear?


Guest: Alex and Bret discuss some of the advantages and challenges of switching to a heavier boot for ADV riding.

Discussion Points:
1.  There is huge difference between motocross boots and boots that are marketed as an Adventure boot.

Key Takeaways:
– There is the challenge of getting away from boots that you can walk around in.  Move into boots that actually protect your ankles if you fall down.

Boots mentioned in this podcast are the Sidi Crossfire 3’s – purchased on Amazon here. 

Disclosure: I only recommend products I actually use, and all opinions expressed in this podcast are my own. This post contains affiliate links that – at no additional cost to you – I may earn a small commission.

Tire Talk

ADV Tire Talk

Guest: Jarrett King is an ADV rider and mechanical designer at Mitas Tires.

Discussion Points:
1.  Air pressure – should I air down before riding off-road?
2.  Why is the manufacturer’s baseline pressure different from what’s written on the sidewall?
3.  Can a rider increase or decrease the size of the tire on the bike?

Key Takeaways:
– It’s interesting to observe what people think they can feel and what they can actually feel when it comes to tires.

Large & Tall Bike Setup


Guest: Kip Kyler stands 6’4” with a 38” inseam who is riding a Husqvarna 701.  He has made a few adjustments to accommodate his height and weight, but still feels cramped in the cockpit while riding.  He has reached out to Bret to find out what other adjustments he can make and what kind of suspension he may need to install.

Discussion Points:
1.  How to choose the right spring for your riding style and weight.
2.  How to find the right local suspension tuner for you.
3.  How to determine the correct suspension setup needed for you.

Key Takeaways:
– When a bike is suspended properly, it will greatly increase your confidence.  People don’t understand how important setting up the bike properly is.

– Many people adjust their bars to be comfortable when standing straight up.  This is not correct – if something catches you off-guard, it can throw you off-balance and you end up with a whiskey throttle.

– Preload does not actually make the springs stiffer; they just feel stiffer.