ADV Motorcycle Education


A discussion about the value of motorcycle education for ADV riders. Greg DiBernardo and I chat about how you can learn on your own, using resources that you can find for free. We also discuss how much professional training should cost and its value, whether it is hype or worth the time and money. Understanding what level of training to invest in is only part of the solution; we talk about how to differentiate between a rider who is an instructor vs the master of the subject you are seeking to learn.

What Inspires Bret

What inspires Bret

In a twist of tradition, I get interviewed by another podcaster from South Africa (JJ le Roux from Gravel Travel) about my background and what drives me to train riders. I ramble on about what inspires me as a motorcycle educator while providing tips on finding instructors that will inspire you to become better.  Discover why I dedicate so much time helping riders become better.

Trail Braking

Trail Braking

is the riding technique every rider should be using on the street. Join Bret Tkacs and Patreon supporter Peter Shimm in a detailed discussion of how and why you improve your trail braking skills. Although many riders oppose the concept of trail braking – believing all corner braking should be done before every corner – this is an unrealistic and a dangerous belief. Even those riders opposed to trail braking admit to using brakes in a corner. Trail braking is a daily riding skill that converts you into an expert at speed control.  As a rider, you need to fully understand what street trail braking is and when, where and how to use it.

Embracing Sand

Embracing Sand

This episode brings you Zak Parrish, the rider of an Africa Twin DCT nicknamed the "Lawn Dart" after a learning experience where his bike became planted in sand. Bret and Zak dive into the challenges, techniques and skills needed to ride in deep sand on a heavy adventure bike.  Spend an hour listening to the stories and techniques that will help you master riding in loose surfaces as well as some ideas for practicing your skills near home.

Don't miss the next episode in two weeks where Bret dives into the controversial topic of trail braking on the street.

Overcoming the Odds

Overcoming Odds

In this episode, Bret Tkacs chats with Patreon supporter Jose Real (retired, disabled U.S. Army) who broke his back while serving his country and was informed he may not ever walk again.  In response, Jose worked through his depression and learned how to do things differently.  Despite weakness in his left leg and limited use of his right arm, he decided to start riding again, this time as an ADV motorcyclist on an Africa Twin DCT.

Jose's story is incredible and inspiring, and his message is intended to help other riders overcome whatever might be holding them back.  He inspires others to find a different way of doing things.

Foreign Travel

Critical Skills for International Travel

Patreon supporter Mark Wallace is a world-renowned photographer / video blogger and has been traveling the globe since 2014.  Bret and Mark discuss their top requisite skills for international travelers, however this information is equally useful to anyone riding a motorcycle on public roads in your own neighborhood.

Check out his engaging website at