How to Choose a Motorcycle Training Class

How To Choose A Motorcycle Class

Washington State has two state-approved motorcycle basic rider education curriculums.  One is through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) and the other is the Motorcycle Education Program (MEP), which Bret wrote for Puget Sound Safety.  There are some major differences between the two curricula: The MSF courses are formulaic, structured, and linear while the MEP courses are flexible, adaptable, and offer students the opportunity to self-correct.  In addition, the MEP course have increased student volume by 25%.  To best choose a class, choose the one that supports your particular learning style.

Guest:  Kevin Tusler has embarked on his second career; from retiring as the vice president for a project management company to a full-time motorcycle instructor.

Discussion Points:
1.  Why doesn’t Bret teach advanced classes?
2.  What should I look for in a motorcycle training school?
3.  Does the student/instructor ratio of the motorcycle training class matter?

Key Takeaways:
– How are people supposed to improve if they don’t know what the goal is?
– If you understand why you were successful, then you can replicate that success in the future.
– People underestimate the value of humor while learning.

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