What to Expect as a New ADV Rider

What can you expect as a new ADV rider?

Many people who first start riding ADV bikes can credit their knowledge to riding dirt bikes as a child.  But what if this is the first time you’ve ridden anything in the dirt?  Learning what to expect as a new adventure rider is a subject that few instructors address.

Australian rider, Robert Malpas, is a recent convert into the ADV world and he has some excellent insight into what beginning dirt riders think and feel when they’re getting used to a new terrain under their tires.

Editor’s Error:  Several references are made towards Class 3 riders, including discussion on rookie, transitional, and proficient riders.  This refers to the Adventure Skill Rating System which serves to identify your skill level on different terrain.

Discussion Points:
1.  What can I expect when I first ride off-road?
2.  What ideas are there for improving my fitness?
3.  What ADV gear should I buy?
4.  What advice do you have for improving my ADV skill level?

Key Takeaways:
If you’re new, expect to hear a lot of advice but consider the source.
Look for a common theme from reputable people.
Expect to be uncomfortable with motorcycle movements.
Be open to spending more on safety gear than your motorcycle (watch this video!).
Be open to the idea that you may need other people around just in case.

Adventure Skill Rating System